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Here at 10ticks, we bring together expertise, ingenuity and passion to help children truly excel in maths. Although we are small in size we endeavour to support the community as much as we can. Our business is all about helping and encouraging children to develop educationally through our worksheets and website.

Rather than taking a broad-brush approach at 10ticks, we've chosen to focus on some key areas, and our CSR emphasis is therefore on employee well-being and investment in the local community. Our basic principles are that our suppliers and employees must be treated fairly and our customers must be served to the highest standards. We also wish to give something back to the communities that have supported the creation of what is now a thriving business.

We take our commitment to ethical and socially responsible standards in business extremely seriously.

10ticks are always looking for further opportunities to invest in the community. Help us determine where to focus our future social responsibility efforts going forward. Send your input to our Head of Business Development, Daniel Walker at

Football Shirts

With the help of the Bolton News, 10ticks reached out to local primary schools by announcing a football shirt deal.

Ian Fisher, the founder and owner of, won the "e-business of the Year" award at the prestigious North Manchester Business Awards and with it came with a cheque for £2,000.

Ian decided to invest in the community by using the cash to buy 31 sets of football shirts, which he gave away, to junior schools in Bolton. "It was a way of giving something back. We had budgeted for development, so the money was a bonus we had not expected”

Hospital Schools

10ticks would like to help minimise the disruption to children and young people’s education when in hospital, whilst helping academic progress and maintaining an interest in learning. With this in mind we here at 10ticks offer our School Learning System, including our entire collection of maths resources, to all hospital schools for 2 years completely free of charge.

Our Online Maths School Learning System can provide a bespoke course of learning, helping each child to feel valued, nurtured and respected, and to achieve their full potential in maths.

If you are a hospital school and have not yet received your 2 years access, please contact

South African Free Textbooks

Learners at Bhukulani Secondary School in Zondi, Soweto were excited to to receive 900 free 10Ticks Maths workbooks as a gift from Heinemann Publishers. Bhukulani Secondary School was chosen for its consistently good Matric results.

The study aids are part of the popular 10Ticks Maths workbooks series and are available from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The 10Ticks Maths and Maths Literacy workbooks will come in handy for learners before they write examinations.

Ian Fisher of 10Ticks in the United Kingdom said, “I want children in Soweto to enjoy Mathematics and be successful in whatever they want to become."

Grade 10 learner, Thobile Mazibuku (16) thinks that the 10Ticks Maths Grade 10 workbook will help her a lot. “What I like about this book is that it has examples and solutions,” said Thobile.

The principal of Bhukulani Secondary School, Dr. Mduduzi Mathe, thanked Heinemann for selecting his school to launch the 10Ticks Maths workbook series.

Boffin Squad

10ticks have created a free website to engage with young people in constructive educational activities while promoting socially responsible behaviour. The characters featured on Boffin Squad are based around the Multiple Intelligence theory, whereby they each in excel in one ‘intelligence’, but can still use aspects of one or two other intelligences from their extensive personalities.

Dr Howard Gardner, a Harvard Psychologist and Professor of Education, has demonstrated through his extensive research how we should not judge others according to the 3 narrow definitions of intelligence. We all have 5 primary senses and three of these are mainly used for learning. 34% of people have auditory preferences, 37% of people have a kinaesthetic (touch) preference and 29% of people have a visual preference. It is important to know with a learner which is their best learning style to maximise the learning process. The best approach is a combination.

An individual may excel in one, two or even three of these of these Intelligences, but nobody is good at them all. Equally the same rule applies to a child prodigy or mentally/physically disadvantaged person. A brain damaged child could have a severely impaired use of language, but be able to paint or play music magnificently.

School Fetes Giveaway

Every year 10ticks send out 10ticks Home Learning System 12 month subscriptions free of charge to schools all over the UK to use as prizes for Parents and Children to win at their School Fetes.

Our engaging and interactive Online Maths Learning System takes children through the Curriculum at their own pace. The System is used by thousands of students worldwide, both in schools and homes. Our Online Home Learning System has been fully mapped to the new 2014 Curriculum, and covers every maths topic from Years R-11 including the new 2015 GCSE changes .

If your school would like to receive these fantastic free prizes, please contact

University Giveaway

Since 2017, as part of our CSR initiative, we have been offering universities from across the country free yearly access to our 10ticks Online Worksheet Licence. Maths PGCE students go on placement in as part of their training, and to help them out we have been working alongside their tutors to enable them to deliver our worksheets into the classroom. Students can use the licence to access a huge variety of resources, using different pedagogical styles that inspire all types of learners at all different stages of learning.

If your university would like access to our free worksheets, please contact:

Liontrust Online Worksheet Sponsorship

During the pandemic we approached Liontrust Asset Management with an opportunity to offer all state funded UK primary schools free access to the 10ticks Online Worksheet Licence, and to our other site, 10ticks Mental Maths.

The 10ticks Online Worksheet Licence offers worksheets and online text books for schools and teachers to use and integrate into their classroom, for pupils’ everyday learning. Teachers can choose to either print the resources or take advantage of our newest feature, online text books. Teachers can now use our worksheets that are mapped to the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning, term by term, or create their own text book, featuring their favourite worksheets.

10ticks Mental Maths, our mental arithmetic website, differs from the worksheets that cover the latest national curriculum for England. Mental Maths is aimed at improving the instant recall of times tables multiplication facts. Initially the system was developed to focus on the Multiplication tables check taken at the end of Year 4, but it has since grown into much more, offering different topics and activities. The website also gives pupils a chance to create their own AvaStar and appear on the monthly leader boards. On average, Liontrust sponsored school pupils have improved by 40% in both their accuracy and speed with regular use of the system.

As a way of helping schools further, and thanks to Liontrust, we have been running competitions that offer prizes. Schools were able to win a share of £1000 during November 2021 and March 2022. The competitions created great engagement, with the winners of the November competition, Loanends Primary School, even inviting the Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey Billy Webb into school, to watch its pupils using the system.


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